Showtec Power Spot 9 Q5

SKU: HL-42575

The Showtec Power Spot 9 Q5 is a 9x 10 watt RGBWA LED Spot with silent and flickerfree operations, suitable for indoor venues. Its double bracket enable easy floorpositioning and makes it fit for either fixed and mobile applications. Equipped with 5 colours (Red, Green, Blue, White and Amber), the Power Spot 9 Q5 creates a beautiful, bright output, from subtle pastels to punchy saturates and nearly any temperature of white. Its colour engine, 0–100 % dimmer and 0–20 Hz strobe functions are controllable via DMX and Master/Slave in either Manual, Auto run and Sound-controlled mode with many available built-in programs. An 1.5 m power cable is included.